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Switched  - Amanda Hocking If you haven't read this book, I definitely encourage you to. Don't let the normalcy of the beginning fool you--the author brings much more complex plot and characterization about halfway through.

For those of you who have read it: I didn't think I was going to like this book as much as I did. The beginning felt slow and awkward in that I couldn't connect to.the characters easily. Finn seemed too stereotypically perfect and Wendy too flat.

All that changed for me once they reached Forening. Hocking did an amazing job of creating a modern mystical society that fits this generation: the apathy of the Trylle, the corrupted governmental system, and the changeling system all are realistic and bring true development to the plot and characters. I was so prepared for Wendy to have a fairy tale ending when she met her mother, but I applaud Hocking for overturning my suspicions. Elora is mysterious and complex, something I like, and so are so.many other characters--Finn, Tove, Garrett, etc. This is something I truly admire and look for in an author.

(Fangirl moment) Finn is asdfghjkl... His elusiveness and sense of duty are wonderful. Fitting. Perfect. I love this guy.

I've got to read the second book. Pronto.

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