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Dark Triumph

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers This book takes the series to a deeper and darker level of politics and humanity. In LeFever's notes at the end of the book, she shares that Sybella's story is more personal than that in Grave Mercy, and I truly appreciate this choice. The story is much more emotional and poignant, and through these changes, I can definitely see her growing as a writer.  LaFevers continues to make multi-faceted, complex characters, like Beast, D'Albret, and Sybella. In particular, Sybella's past (increasingly revealed) and conflicting emotions and loyalties make her an intriguing and unique character to follow. Her action-filled storyline and romance are not rushed, and I give major props for the pacing of this book. Like Sybella's character, the story draws you in subtly but strongly, and  I was hooked long before I realized it. All thumbs up!

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