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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Overall, I was really impressed and entertained by this book. I definitely was hooked by the first chapter, not only by the crapton of nerdy references, but also by the characters. Art3mis, Aech, and Wade all have fantastic, realistic dialogue that was seriously funny and fun to read. Although I love the content--the 80's references, the video game setting, the futuristic world--it was these characters that made the book for me. I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to read sci-fi, fantasy, or futuristic novels.

I only have one criticism for this book: I was disappointed by the ending. When actually reading the ending, I initially didn't feel sad or let down, because--come on--he found the Easter Egg! He won! He got the girl! Happy endings for all!

And maybe I've gotten too critical or cynical from reading so much lit, but... doesn't the "happy endings for all" thing leave you a little empty? Sure, it was entertaining and fun to read, but did I learn anything (other than a lot of 80's trivia)? Not really. We know that Wade plans to split the money with his friends and that Art3mis will use hers to fight hunger, but what about all the other problems of the world? What about the growing unemployment and poverty? Indentured servitude? Climate problems? Do those magically go away without the Hunt? And if the OASIS is still in place, how can humanity fix its problems?

Again, probably getting too critical. I just feel like there could have been more answers and solutions instead of happy endings.

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